Linda Bergerova is a self-taught contemporary surreal artist, a creator of visual bizzare dreams and surreal fairy-tales. She is a woman full of neverending landscapes of emotions and neverending dreamer living in her secret chamber somewhere between dreams and nightmares in land full of wonder and mystery. But she lives also in Europe/Slovakia, a small middle European country in the heart of Europe.

Linda´s illustrations are greatly influenced by fairy tales, fantasy worlds, beauty of nonsense and by surrealism, the art movement dedicated to expressing the imagination as revealed in dreams, free of conscious control of reason and convention. She found herself in creating visual dreams, all of which containing dreamy significance with themes ranging from soft dark to cute, from subjects ranging from disturbing controversy to the beauty of innocence, very often melting these two opposite polarities together. Enjoying juxtaposing the dreams, she is covering the art works with mysticism and unanswered questions.

Linda feels at heart a mixed media digital artist but she also enjoys to experiment with traditional medias too.